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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

This is the file storage home of our Once Upon a Time podcast, Other Side of the Mirror. You may visit the full website at This podcast is part of What the Fangirl: Pop culture. Her way.



Nov 8, 2012

We discuss Tallahassee, episode 6 of the second season of Once Upon a Time. We were not fans of this episode at all, and see it as ignoring the established character of Emma. Topics include our Tallahassee experience, the importance of sharing sensitive chats while climbing beanstalk, and how Emma is living the Grand Theft Auto Life, but what's her happy ending? Neal seems magical, who is, he? We say the White Rabbit. Emma's bug's origin story finally revealed. Alas, it's not Herbie. Why do both Regina and Emma have their paths set for them by men and did Bri spot a Twin Peaks homage? These topics and more.

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