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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

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Nov 29, 2016

This is our reaction to Dark Waters, Heartless, I'll Be Your Mirror, AND Changelings…

Dark Waters 

Help us decide: Is the biggest dumpster fire on OUAT the Evil Queen and Rumple…. or Belle and Rumple? 


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? How about Bri being 20,000 leagues of bored!

Alex has a shirt that says "I'm On a Boat" and she is very proud of it. 

This year's version of Red/Lily/Elsa is Aladdin: Emma's Insta-BFF.


Credit where it's due: they've revitalized the Snow and Charming romance and came up with a horrifically twisted curse.


Like Emma, Bri likes to be told Alex believes in her. Does that make Alex Hook???

 Alex is NOT HERE for Rumple's child custody case.

 I'll Be Your Mirror

Emma and Regina mirror each other, which we've been talking about for about 100 episodes.


The Walking Stereotype Dragon and Emma/Regina putting together the puzzle pieces of a broken mirror were worth a few laughs.

The Charmings!


The Dumpster Fire Comes Alive in Changelings! Oh well, at least there was Jamie Murray as the Black Fairy. 


This season's baby has been born, which means it's time to throw it in the corner with the other Babies of Storybooke. You're so lucky she doesn't have time to write "Real Babies of Storybooke."


Show Notes: 

Alex was on Universe Box chatting about Gilmore Girls.

Little mentions of Gilmore Girls, Black Sails, Dark Matter, Xena, the Flash and Supergirl occurred.

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