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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

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May 1, 2017

This week we're reacting to the episode The Black Fairy. Since we try to see the show from every character's point of view, this week it's Rumple's turn for our empathy! We discuss Rumple's complicated history as a coward, hero and villain, and why his worldview is ultimately not changed by the truth about his mother. From Rumple's perspective, Emma Swan threatened to take away both of his sons, so his maneuvering to save his son right down to the bitter end is very in-character.

 Also this week:

We talk about the growing bond between Zelena and Regina and share Outlaw Queen's perspective on it.

We share some thoughts on how the Fairies always fail at the job of "fairy godmothers." How the heck did Fiona turn into The Black Fairy? Why is Tiger Lily a fairy? Why isn't the Blue Fairy evil already?

 Is this show's real message that we are all destined to become our parents?!? (Ack!)


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