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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

This is the file storage home of our Once Upon a Time podcast, Other Side of the Mirror. You may visit the full website at This podcast is part of What the Fangirl: Pop culture. Her way.



Nov 11, 2013

In this full recap of episode 6, Ariel, we briefly discuss Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid and how it was translated by Disney and Once Upon a Time.

This week in Snow School:  We learned that Snow has a bunch of BFFs, still can't keep a secret, and is SO Team Neal.

This week in  Regina Studies: We discovered yet again that Regina is a BAMF.

This week in Rumplology:  We compiled more evidence that Pan is Dear Old Dad and watched as Rumple became Regina's co-BAMF and BFF in Darkness. 

This week in Plato's Cave:  Snow sees her shadow and it says baby; David sees his shadow and it says not my baby; and Hook sees his shadow and it says I want my step-son's baby mom.

And this week in Emma:  Emma went to Echo Cave and all she got was this lousy guy in a box.