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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

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Apr 21, 2014


This is our instant reaction to Bleeding Through. As usual, here are our five likes and dislikes:



Belle calling out Regina for holding her captive and ruining her life, and Regina's response.

Regina and Snow For the Win!

Everything Young Cora including her mad Applebees waitressing skills and her milkshake.

Emma embracing her magical lifestyle.

The show hasn't given Regina a substitute family.



King Leopold:  Sleazy Bill Wyman of Once.

The route traveled to get Regina and Robin Hood together was way too basic; but we didn't dislike the result of this episode.    

Emo Hook.

So that Rumple and Zelena kiss happened (but we still like Zelena)

Alex goes on about Mulan (again) while discussing gross Leopold and monkey boyfriends.

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