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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

This is the file storage home of our Once Upon a Time podcast, Other Side of the Mirror. You may visit the full website at This podcast is part of What the Fangirl: Pop culture. Her way.



Nov 18, 2013

On this episdoe of the podcast, we're talking about our likes and minor quibbles from the very strong episode Think Lovely Thoughts, episode 8 of the third season of Once Upon a Time. Including:

  • We told you Pan was Rumple's Dad!
  • More great casting treats us to a big heaping pile of paternal abandonment.
  • Everyone...

Nov 11, 2013

In this full recap of episode 6, Ariel, we briefly discuss Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid and how it was translated by Disney and Once Upon a Time.

This week in Snow School:  We learned that Snow has a bunch of BFFs, still can't keep a secret, and is SO Team Neal.

This week in  Regina Studies: We discovered...

Nov 4, 2013

This is our instant reaction to season 3, episode 6:  Ariel.  As usual, we're counting down our top five and likes and dislikes. They include:


*Regina's impersonation of Bobby Knight. Quick, someone give her a chair!

*Regina saved Rumple. Bitches get it done!

*The end of Fake Belle is nigh!

*Fake Ursula and...