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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

This is the file storage home of our Once Upon a Time podcast, Other Side of the Mirror. You may visit the full website at This podcast is part of What the Fangirl: Pop culture. Her way.



Oct 12, 2015

This is our full recap of the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time season 5: The Dark Swan and The Price. Among our topics for discussion are the different philosophies of life held by Rumple and the Charmings (including Emma), Emma's faith in Regina and why that faith did not work as she hoped it would, the...

Oct 12, 2015

This is our instant reaction to episode 3 of season 5 of Once Upon A Time, Siege Perilous, where every character tortured each other and the viewers. Even Bri and her magic shush-hands couldn't find the answer to the following questions:

1. How Evil Will King Arthur Be? Evil, Evil-Evil, Very Evil, or Once Upon a Time...

Oct 5, 2015

This is our instant recap of Once Upon a Time's second episode of season 5: The Price. (Attention Oncers: for five seconds we SHIPPED ALL OF THE THINGS!) This week we abandon our likes and dislikes to tease out some of the philosophical issues we hope to discuss in greater detail during our full recap of the first...