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Other Side of the Mirror: A Once Upon a Time fan podcast

This is the file storage home of our Once Upon a Time podcast, Other Side of the Mirror. You may visit the full website at This podcast is part of What the Fangirl: Pop culture. Her way.



Apr 24, 2017

We discuss the Charming Family and why they are not all that concerned about The Black Fairy even though she created the curse AND Rumpelstiltskin. We discuss Henry's problem and wonder why no one is all that concerned that he's writing in hieroglyphics. We discuss Belle's position as the Storybrooke Babysitter and why it sells the character short.

 We liked the sisters stuff and the Emma/Regina/Zelena moments. And we appreciated the shout-out to Fargo. We also look ahead to what interest us most: The Black Fairy's showdown with Rumple and the upcoming musical episode. 


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 Other Side of the Mirror is a Once Upon a Time podcast with an emphasis on Regina Mills/Evil Queen. We focus on the show, theories, fandom and more. Suggest a topic for an upcoming fan episode and more. Call our voicemail line at (970) 510-6623, email feedback to and follow us on Twitter @othersideONCE.